Monday, June 4, 2012

The Color Run

Josh was talking with my sis-in-law about how The Color Run was coming to Des Moines. I wasn't paying too much attention as it a) had to do with running and that's not really my bag and b) the races they usually talk about are like fancy 12 mile runs which just talking about makes me exhausted and short of breath. But my friend emailed me with more info about The Color Run today and it's only a 5k! Okay, granted "only" in my book is still kind of a lot for me. My first and last race was the 2 mile Quick Bix but still I could maybe, possibly, might be, up for this...maybe? Registration hasn't opened up yet and I'm sure there will be tons of people that want in on this action. And perhaps I will be one of them-yipes.


Annie Salgado said...

Crazy you blogged about this! A friend of mine just e-mailed me this morning about it. You can do it Lora!!

Jonna said...

Go for it!!!