Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Avetts are coming, the Avetts are coming

So I've been thinking about 80/35 and getting more excited for the Avett Bros. since they are quite good in concert. We were lucky enough to see them at ACL and in Des Moines a few years ago but I can't recall if they played Josh's song of choice, Colorshow. It took awhile for it to grow on me as the track has a lot of screaming and it's a bit loud for my liking (I know, what a grandma, right?), but I'm kind of into it now. I especially like the part about Babymakers since it reminds me of when Josh's friend once sent a letter to us before we were married and addressed it to Lora Babymaker because he didn't know my last name. Hmmm, babymakers, maybe that's the term I could use for nether regions. No? Okay, I'll keep working on it.

Also, another Avett song that reminds me of the aftermath of Grateful Deads, Drunken Monkeys and sticky bar floors.

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Amy said...

I have been whistling instead of using a word for Owen...Like Rick. Haha I don't know what to call them either.