Friday, June 8, 2012

A freakout and a video

Josh had been nagging at me to install an update on my touch and when I did I somehow lost all my photos and videos. And me being the super confident in technology gal that I am failed to have the good sense to back up my files. So there I was dumbfounded that I had just somehow erased photo upon photo and video upon video of little 3 month old Dexter. I'm never installing an update on anything again! Who needs forward progress anyway? And in my sad state, I took to twitter. Yes, I'm on twitter. And very clueless about it. You can follow me but don't expect to be dazzled as I'm still really unsure of what is worthy of 140 characters and what is not. This particular crisis apparently was.

But then something strange and lovely happened. I recovered my photos and videos after resyncing my touch again with my iTunes. Okay, that was probably a very obvious course of action that I should've taken before I freaked out but I was thinking with my heart and not my head. So naturally, I went back to Twitter and cheered for the gift that I was just given.

And now that you have the back story, here is what I felt compelled to share with you after the loss and then recovery of those sacred memories. I hadn't realized I had caught the following on video until a few weeks later. These 7 seconds are very chuckle-worthy. At least in our house. But we're pretty immature. I'm betting that you might be a little too. Enjoy.

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Jennifer said...

I like the sound track on the video.

"Caught himself."