Monday, June 11, 2012

Davenport and Dexter

This weekend I got a glimpse into what a world where I was the only one that had a toddler would look like. And it wasn't pretty. We visited Davenport for a graduation party and Josh left early for a bachelor party. At the graduation party, there were no other little kids and I spent a good amount of time following Dexter trying to guard him from the street, dog poop and dousing himself in Tiki torch oil. We left with a scraped knee and only one major meltdown under our belts. So I suppose I'll count that as a win. The sigh that I let out after I put him to bed could be heard around the world.

He is just a busy boy. A shy busy boy. I forget how bashful he is when he gets around a big group of unfamiliar people. Oh, he smiles and crinkles his little nose which makes you think that he won't mind at all if you hold him...but you're wrong. Not soon after, that bottom lip of his comes out and he can't decide whether to smile or cry. Crying usually wins out. But only for a second. Yes, he takes awhile to get his bearings in unfamiliar places. And we usually only have two days in Davenport! He was all warmed up and then off we went, back to Des Moines. I've been thinking about making one of Pinhole Press' Book of Names and Faces. After all, there's a lot of folks to remember!

The running around grandma and grandpa's and all the people and the walking a fine line between giggles and tears really wears a guy out. He took a six hour nap. You read that correctly, SIX hours! Who does that? Hour after hour passed and I was having an internal battle on whether to wake him up or not but you know what they say about sleeping babies and so I didn't. And would you believe it if I told you that he slept through the night also? I know, I'm a lucky girl. I won't make it a habit of tempting the sleep gods though. I'm no fool. It has to be a growth spurt.

And here's the picture I took of him today, one day A.D. (After Davenport) and he's still recovering.


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