Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer satchel

I've kind of been on the big bag wagon for a few years now. I'm not one of those girls that hauls their life around in their purse though. In fact, I'd like to consider myself a minimalist. Wallet, cell phone, iTouch, pack of gum, lip gloss, pen and coupon holder that also has a small notepad, (the coupons in said holder rarely get used because I am one of those girls that hauls expired coupons all around town). I do from time to time have a miscellaneous amount of Dexter's things in my purse, a diaper, wipes, a shoe (yup, just one) and a bib.

I have two small purses that come out of the closet for ceremonial occasions, mostly weddings. They're my tiny bags that say "look at you all dressed up, big girl, you fancy."

Which leads me to my search for a summer big bag. If there was ever a season where I think I ought to be one of those girls that hauls her life around with her it would be right now. Farmer's Markets, BBQs at friends' houses, traveling to see family, trips to the park. So when I spotted the Baggu bags here I thought those look fun and big to boot. I landed on the cobalt duck canvas bag since I wanted the option to wear it as a crossover bag and I'm pretty pleased. It's quite spacious and I'm pretty sure there would be plenty of room for Dexter if he ever wanted to tuck in next to my lip gloss.

And thus concludes the story of the 2012 summer satchel.

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