Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A recap of the weekend through food mostly

It all started on Friday, as most weekends typically do.

We got Dexter to bed on Friday and decided to watch Drive on Netflix. Holy buckets, it's kind of a creepy love story? Say whaaa? I had no idea. Also, hello, gory lose your brain scenes (yes, scenes plural)! Again, I had no idea! Josh asked if I thought it was going to be more like Fast and the Furious and the answer is, yes, yes, I did. Or maybe Point Break? Fool. Note to self: a little research into a plot synopsis prior to viewing, not a bad idea.

After sleeping that off, we headed out to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning. And now, my latest advice to you market goers on a budget. At least advice in regards to food stands that give you more bang for your buck. I know nothing about produce, maybe ask Josh. If you find yourself with an appetite and only $3 in hand, then go to the West Des Moines Rotary stand on the south side of Court Ave. closer to 3rd St. and purchase yourself a slice of breakfast pizza. Josh and I shared the sausage kind (they also have ham) and it was a generous size. Now, if you have another $3, go ahead and treat yourself to a fresh squeezed OJ from the same stand. Joshie gave it a thumbs up. Me? I prefer to take my $3 and wash it down with a cup of homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream from Sweet Treats which is on the north side of Court Ave. closer to 2nd St. Heaping portions. Dexter prefers to do the same.

Saturday afternoon gave us a trip to Bass Pro Shop in preparation for our big family vacay to Wisconsin. We already purchased Dexter a lifejacket from Costco on Friday so Josh was scouring the aisles for various fishing related items during this trip. Dexter and I looked at the big fish tank. He was unimpressed and was more into the people watching. I hear ya, kid.

The biggest Dexter powered discovery of the weekend is that he loves cheap Mexican. We took him to El Rodeo for dinner on Saturday night and he was in heaven. The music moved him and he wiggled around in his high chair dancing. And the food, oh the food. He ate almost an entire cheese quesadilla and waved his hands in the air after every bite of rice and beans.  He's quite the ham, or should I say jamon?

Sunday, Father's Day Sunday. Josh and I wrestled with Dexter in church in the morning. Then, grilling with family for lunch. Bulgogi, which I'm sure I'll never tire of. Also the raspberry ice cream dessert turned out! Huzzah and three cheers! This photo makes it look orange but it's definitely pink as seen here. I fully endorse putting it in the freezer for the less pudding more ice cream texture. And man, I tell you everything should be made with a graham cracker crust! Internally, I was doing Dexter's happy rice and beans dance.

If you're wondering what Dexter ended up getting Joshie, more of that in a separate post.

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