Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To Dad, from Dexter

Dexter presented the following gifts to his father on June 17 in the year of 2012.

A six pack of Five Hour Energy, Josh's cure all after a night of beers. He swears by the stuff.

A shirt he'd been eyeing for an upcoming wedding.

And the piece de resistance-when Dexter was doing the nursing thing, Josh would give him a bath before bed, change him into PJs and then hand him over to me. It's a ritual that stuck so these two guys are bathtime buddies. Josh had the idea to do a black and white collage of all the different bath time hairstyles he gave Dexter before his first big boy haircut in February so we took the pictures but never got it done...until now.

 And for a closer look...

And finally this very appropriate card.

Hope the rest of you baby daddy's had a nice day too!

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Jonna said...

Nice! love the pictures what a cute idea.