Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer vacation

Hello, hello! Back from our vacation in Chetek and it was just lovely. We spent our days eating, drinking, chitchatting, swimming, badmintoning, sleeping and fishing. The way vacations were meant to be spent. Vacations like this remind me of my past life as a camp counselor. Soffe shorts and sun, a day or two without a shower, hooded sweatshirts at night, mosquito bites. Ugh, mosquito bites! I hate having this sweet meat that attracts them so but it's a reminder that for one brief week I was a woman of leisure. 

We stayed at this resort.  We aren't attached to it since there were a few things that we thought were missing (i.e. a sufficient water heater-and we're quick camp showerers, I swear!-kitchen basics-like how do you have an old school egg beater but no cutting boards?, and where in the world was the fire pit?)

It did have a playground that kept the boys entertained and oh, the lake! That lake was about the coolest thing Dexter has ever laid eyes on. It was like Romeo first spotting Juliet from across the room. Each morning he looked for it hoping that it didn't disappear on him while he slept. He ran right off a big step and skinned his knee trying to get to that lake. He now says "ow-wee?"  Like me and my mosquito bites, that skinned knee is a war wound, a symbol of a vacation well spent.   

So the search for a 2013 vacation spot has commenced. Because we must do this again sometime, my dear.



Annie Salgado said...

Looks like a great vacation! I like the picture of Dexter in those cool black sunglasses!

Jonna said...

Great pictures!!And what a wonderful time Bill said its the best vacation ever.