Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Look at this scamp

I took the day off tomorrow to pal around with this kid.

He really enjoys his accessories, he walks around the house with his sunglasses, my scarf, Josh's belt and this hat. Not all at the same time. God, no, talk about fashion suicide. Doesn't he look like a little scamp? Like he should be walking in a creek trying to catch tadpoles or something. Or up to something mischievous. PS it is seriously super hard to not laugh when you're trying to discipline these toddlers. We were telling Dexter not to climb on the dishwasher door and he kept dangling his little chicken nugget foot over it, not fully climbing on it, just grazing it and then smirking at us and giving the slightest little head shake no. Ugh, good grief, buddy, you are too much.


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