Friday, August 3, 2012

To eat, to drink, to listen

Happy weekend! I had a lovely day off with Dexter yesterday that included running errands, a trip to the park and getting ready for our next summer o' fun adventure...the zoo! It's going to blow his freaking mind I think. Those lions in your books, they do exist, buddy. Get ready. Hope you have something mind-blowing planned this weekend too!

To eat:

I have yet to get to our OP in Des Moines. I don't know what I'm waiting for. Ha, yes, I do-our bank account to look a little less like I work at a non-profit and more like I'm growing a money tree in my backyard. I'd settle for a money bush. When that happens, breadsticks and taco subs for everyone! A summer o' fun is awesome but I tell you it sure eats up your cash money.  

To drink:
Speaking of throwing away money, the fair starts next week! I've been craving a good fair lemonade. I used to go to Walt's Lemonade on the main concourse upon the recommendation of my sis-in-law but I searched the catalog of vendors for this year and didn't see them! Gah, do I need to find another go-to? Let the search begin!

To listen:

Before we were married but after we graduated from college, Josh and I went on a road trip to Omaha with our friends and saw the Cold War Kids. It was probably one of the first shows that I saw with Josh. And oh how the basement of that venue smelled. Hot and sweaty. So very sweaty. Despite that (or maybe because of it?) it was a great show. Even if I was the only one dancing. What is up with these hipster concert goers being too cool for school to dance? Anyway, Florence and the Machine's version of one of the Cold War Kids' songs popped up in my Pandora and I am in love.

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