Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pillow talk

Last night Josh and I pulled back the covers on our bed, snuggled in and talked about Mortal Kombat I and II and Streetfighter characters. So hot, I know.

Josh and I agreed that the girls in both games were weak sauce and that Raiden definitely conjured up images of Big Trouble in Little China. I told him that of course I tried to show solidarity with the Asian females so on occasion I would pick Chun Li, Kitana and the fan girl but my go to guy was Liu Kang (fireball? Bicycle kick? That's what I'm sayin'). Josh favored Scorpion. At one point in the conversation, I imitated E Honda's thousand hand slap. That impersonation was quite similar to my impersonation of Baraka's scissor thing. And then we drifted off to sleep peacefully.

Could we be more nerdy?

Thank heavens for a gamer brother and cousin who asked me to play with them so they could perfect their babalities, fatalities and finishing moves so that 20 years later I could have this conversation with my husband.

Who did you pick?

PS Um, I just realized that Kim Cattrall was in that movie!! What the what, Samantha?

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