Monday, August 27, 2012

18 months

Dexter is officially 18 months old, that is one and a half years old for those of you who prefer to deal in years and not months. Doesn't that sound so established?

He is exhausting in the best way.We do a lot of chasing these days. His walk has quickly turned into a run and he runs towards everything and nothing. He is constantly pointing. At what? We're not sure so we do a lot of guessing and play dictionary "light", "tree", "car"...A neverending vocabulary lesson. Sometimes he'll try to repeat words with our coaxing and other times he'll just give you a look like "I'm no monkey." The funniest thing that he's picked up is when he sees me changing and is clearly staring at my chest (no doubt thinking of the old days), and giving me a goofy grin to which I say "c'mon, quit staring at my boobs," and then just like that he'll plainly say "boo." Good grief. I'm gonna have to watch this mouth of mine.

He says bye with a hint of a southern drawl. Not sure where he got that one. If anything he should be speaking with a Filipino accent from his Lolo and Titas but instead he's a southern gentleman. He likes to give hugs and recently figured out how to give kisses. I always ask him to give me a hug when I leave him for work and today he gave me a kiss right smack on the mouth. Ugh, I tell you my heart was about as full as it could get in that moment! They talk about all-consuming love and I'm quite certain that this is what they're referring to.

The list goes on and on. He's serious and he's a ham. He pouts one minute and then starts dancing the next. He's a toddler. He's a baby. He's just the best even on the days that he's not.

Photo by my cousin Christine


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