Sunday, December 9, 2012

The impromptu date

Josh and I had an impromptu date this weekend. We had a graduation party and then my friend's 30th birthday party so we made plans to drop Dexter off at my dad's and then come back later in the evening to pick him up. However, when we went to drop him off, my dad and aunt offered to keep him overnight and Dexter just waved us off like it wasn't a big deal at all so Josh and I found ourselves free and clear and without curfew. What good fortune.

We went to Raccoon River Brewing Co. where the Vanilla Cream Ale was flowing and did not disappoint. Back in the day, we used to go here to drink. Ya know, that post college, pre-marriage drinking.  As we sidled up to the bar, the bartender that was working was the same guy that waited on us all those years ago. I actually think he looks a little like the actor from Justified so maybe that's why I remembered his face? I gave Josh a look like, hey this guy's still here! and then I said out loud to Josh, "he knew us before we had a kid". Josh chuckled. Of course I'm using "knew" in the very loose definition; like he poured our drinks for us during that post-college, pre-marriage age. We spent the rest of our time there bellied up to the bar talking about work, our friends, ideas for Christmas gifts, joking how my baseball tee and riding boots felt hopelessly out of place in the women's restroom in a sea of black sequins and high heels. And of course, we talked about Dexter.

It's funny how I break my life into two halves. One before kid and one after kid. Truthfully, neither is better than the other. Although there are some days where I will claim I'm in favor of one over the other but that's just the booze talking. I kid.

I loved the days of late dinners, even later drinks and the freedom to just get up and go with Josh. To say that I don't miss it every now and then would be a lie. It was perfect at the time.

Now is a different time though. A time for pre-dinner tantrums, bedtime routines and well-planned days. A time for the sweet and sour of toddlerhood. Now is the golden hour of the impromptu date.

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