Friday, December 7, 2012

To watch, to wear, to listen, to geek

Hello, hello! Happy weekend! Can you believe we are just a few weeks away from Christmas? We are seriously slacking on the gift thing around these parts. I finally sat down and made a list of who we have left to buy for and what we're buying. That made me feel a little less jumbled and overwhelmed...but then I thought how we still need to take our Christmas photo and order our cards, and how we have a few social engagements coming up where we'll need to find a sitter and I got a little overwhelmed again. I know, I scare easy.

So here's something I haven't done lately--shown you random things that I like!

To watch:

What's more Christmas than Mariah Carey, am I right?

Full disclosure: I was a big Mariah Carey fan in the 90s. Like I may or may not have done a gymnastics routine to this song in the 6th grade talent show. Also to be noted, that song has the words "sweet ecstasy" in it and my friend and I were explicitly told that we had to edit the song to exclude that kind of foul language (my words, not theirs). Total badass, right? 

To wear:

The boots that I got last Christmas kicked the bucket (you get what you pay for, delia*s $39 boots!) and since I have decided that I cannot go a winter without boot, I bought these on sale at Younkers last week (but I'm still not willing to pay over $100 so $52 it is, Mia boots!). I don't know if they still have them since the shoe department looked like a war zone when I went but it looks like Piperlime has them if you are so inclined.

To listen:

I know everyone and their mother has heard Little Talks but I like this song too...

To geek out to:

One of Joshie's friends sent me a link to this. Related. 

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