Wednesday, December 12, 2012

He can't perform for a crowd

Dexter is no monkey and will not perform his tricks live. So I now present to you the vocal stylings of this not quite two year old on some badly shot video! (Because you are obviously dying to see it).

Soon enough my Christmas vacation will be starting and I will be spending lots of quality time with this little fellow. That's right, I am one of those people that 1. works at a place that is a bit generous with their vacation policy and 2. hoards enough vacation to take off a few weeks for Christmas and New Years. I have some Christmas shopping to wrap up, baking to do and some general bumming around to do with this kid. Ah, yes, glorious bumming around. Perfect.

P.S. And I know that as soon as Josh reads this he will be cursing me to the heavens for being done with work for 2012. Because that's what happens every year. As if it's some big surprise that I've hoarded my days. Sucker. Love you, mean it.

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Jennifer said...

I think it threw him off a little by following up lion with dinosaur. Two roaring creatures back to back means Dexter's dino makes gurgling sounds.