Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On life without a dog

Months have passed since Suds passed. The house is a little quieter and cleaner. I never see the backyard anymore since there's no reason to open the back door during these winter months. There isn't a second body underfoot following us from room to room. It's different. It's the new normal. We still talk about Suds and even do our Suds voice now and again, especially if there's a thunderstorm ("Oh, boy it's awfully loud up here!"). Dexter doesn't remember Suds. And that's okay since I think it would be sadder if he did.

We dog sat over the weekend and it was nice to have a four legged friend around again. Strange too. There were a few times that I called Ditka "Suds". It just came tumbling out of my mouth before I even knew what I was saying. Some things just stay with you I suppose. Ingrained without me realizing it.

It's a funny thing to go from being a "dog" house to a non-dog house. After Suds, Josh packed up or threw out all things dog since the sight was too much and the wound too raw. We didn't have dog bowls or a bed for Ditka. He dined out of a tupperware bowl and slept on an old comforter that we used for camping. This is a non-dog house right now. Weird.   

I don't think we're going to get a dog soon. We have intentions to move this year and need to fix the damage Suds did to our house. It doesn't seem wise to bring in another pet at this point. This kid would love it if we did though.  He is a dog person. "Dikka?" Dexter asked me sleepily when he woke up. Then "Dikka!!" once he came lumbering into the room. He liked letting him outside and thought it was hilarious that Ditka would take such joy in licking his sticky fingers during meals.

Yes, I think he would really enjoy a friend of his own. I think we all would. Someday.

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