Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blog everyday in May: Pearls of wisdom

Day 8: advice from me to you.

Are you sick of me yet? It's okay to say yes. I'm a bit sick of me too. This blog everyday thing is tough. Not only finding the time but finding the words for each specific topic. It's like the most narcissistic homework assignment ever, said the girl that started a blog about her life.

And now some very obvious advice...

Procrastination has been a very good friend of mine. And you may recall I am quite good at sleeping. This is a terrible combination. Deadly for productivity. It is the reason that I do things like take a nap on a Sunday and then spend my nights after work painting the trim in the living room. Yes, this is happening right now. We are on the second coat. I'm glad we're doing it but I'm quite certain it would have looked just as good had we done it over the weekend.

So advice from me to you-- just do it already. Whatever you're trying to accomplish, just get on with it. No better time than the present and all that jazz. Eventually you'll be able to kick back, relax and blog about it. :)

Also, if you think that piece of advice kinda sucks, here's another gem to consider:

Just say yes. I read this somewhere recently. If you have a knee jerk reaction to say no to something (and I often do), pause, think about why you're going to say no and then try hard to say yes. The idea is that good stories, the really good ones, all start by saying yes. I feel like it's held true for a lot of things in my life--I almost said no to UNI, our dog Suds, our trip to ACL (man, I'm kind of a fun hater ;) )--but it's still a hard one for me to put into practice.

That's all I got, folks. Now I must go drift off to sleep engulfed in paint fumes.

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