Thursday, August 18, 2011

Raise my glass 8.18.11

Last year, I started to do "Raise my Glass" posts, toasting all the things that I'm very pleased about. That lasted like two weeks, as evidenced here. I decided that I'm going to try to resurrect them though since I have thoroughly convinced myself that you are dying to read about all the things that are making my happy list.

H&M $10 jeans- I went on a little shopping trip up to Minnesota with my gal pals last month and found a pair of jeans for $9.95. I am now planning to be buried in them. H&M, won't you please set up shop in Iowa?

Hello, roommates. See you in four years for our next trip! Haha.

Emma Stone-I really like this girl. Easy A has been airing on Starz a lot and I've definitely enjoyed it all 18 times that I've seen it. It's my new Mean Girls and Emma Stone is just hilarious. I won't say she's my new Lindsey Lohan because we all saw how that went down, am I right?

Cool drinks- Joshie hooked me up with this lovely concoction this weekend.

It's a homemade iced coffee. A very sugary iced coffee. It was delicious and perhaps the best thing that happened to me on Saturday. The best thing that happened to me on Sunday was my Mango Tango smoothie from Fuel over in West Glen. Yum. Josh got a Blueberry Blitz and it was equally amazing.

P.S. Have you ever noticed how smoothies always have fancy schmancy names? Caribbean Sunset, Peachy Panther, Orange you Glad I didn't say Banana? Does that make them even more delicious?
P.P.S.Let's see how many times I can reference Mean Girls on this blog.

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