Sunday, August 14, 2011

Would you like cereal with that milk?

Rice cereal. Another milestone that moves this baby one step closer to being a little boy. A messy milestone. As we suspected, Dex liked his first taste of food, (if that's what you want to call the runny substance), just fine. He is working on getting the hang of the spoon and is still continuing his reign as the pukiest baby in town. I know our pediatrician said that the whole spit up thing is not a problem since he is gaining weight but man, it is getting kind of old, buddy! At church today, I heard a splat and I was like son of a...(I know, what a terrible thing to think in God's house), and sure enough Dexter had christened the floor. It's like that everywhere we go. We're like Hansel and Gretel, except instead of breadcrumbs we leave behind spit up. Sigh.

First feeding was a little rough.

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Jonna said...

He looks stuffed LOL!